1. Traffic Laws
Roads will not be blocked off, nor will traffic be stopped during the Black and Blue.  As such, Black and Blue participants, support staff and vehicles, spectators, event staff, and everyone affiliated with the Black and Blue must obey traffic laws at all times. The roads being used during this event will be open to normal traffic. For the safety of everyone involved, respect all users of the roads.

2. Public Nuisance Rule
Please use trash containers and restroom facilities located at each Stage Exchange/Support Zone. Cyclists who are reported to have littered, urinated, or defecated by some means other than in appropriate facilities will be disqualified. Please use your judgment and be considerate of private property, public property, and property owners along the course. There will be ample restrooms, garbage containers, and/or portable toilets at Stage Exchange/Support Zones.  Problems with protection of the environment and private property along the course could jeopardize the future of this event.

3. Alcohol Consumption
The Black and Blue prohibits the consumption of alcoholic beverages during the Black and Blue by everyone involved with the Black and Blue, including cyclists, support staff, and spectators. A violation will result in immediate team disqualification, prohibition of all team members from future Black and Blue events, and notification of the violation to the proper authorities.

Possession of any open container within a motor vehicle is prohibited by state law. You will risk arrest if caught by a local police officer, state Highway Patrol, or Black and Blue official.  As a cyclist you will be challenged with the physical feat of riding at a high intensity, at high elevation, fluid loss, and general fatigue. As a support staff, you will be challenged with driving the winding roads of North Carolina, Virginia, and Tennessee’s High Country.

4. On Course Vehicles
Each team is limited to one (1) vehicle per two cyclists. One official vehicle sign will be issued to each team vehicle. The preferred vehicles include vans, minivans, or SUVs (not to exceed 6’9″ wide by 20ft in length). NO MOTOR HOMES, LIMOUSINES, BUSES, OR TRAILERS. If you have doubts about the legality of your vehicle, you must have it checked at the start by a Race Director.

Vehicles cannot trail, follow, or shadow cyclists. Team vehicles may not stop along the course to provide support (food/drink). Team support vehicles may provide support at Stage Exchange/Support Zones only, which average every 25 miles.  Cyclists are encouraged to carry water/fluids/fuel for the longer stages if necessary (refer to Rule 4, Public Nuisance Rule for disposal of empty containers, wrappers, etc).

5. Rider Dropouts
No cyclist may drop out of the relay solely for the purpose of substituting a faster cyclist in their place. If a cyclist is forced out due to injury, they may not be reinstated into the team lineup. The team must finish with the remaining cyclists rotating in their current order. The order may not be shuffled. Relay officials will be monitoring the team rotation. Race officials may also ask for injury or drop out reports.  You may not shuffle the order or rotation after each cyclist has completed his/her first stage.  No alternates may be used once your team has started.

6. Navigation
The course will be marked with directional signs.  However, all cyclists must navigate the course. If a wrong turn is made, the cyclist must return to the course on bike to the point on the course where the error occurred and resume the relay.

7. Use of Headphones
Use of “two earpiece” headphones is not permitted. A one piece, earphone/microphone may be used to communicate via team radio only.  Music is not permitted.  Headphones that have two earpieces block and or distort the sound of approaching traffic and constitute an unacceptable risk to the cyclist.

8. Pets
Pets are not allowed on the course or at the Stage Exchange/Support Zones at any time.

9. Helmets
Helmets must be worn by all cyclists.

10. Ride on the Right
Cyclists are to ride along the right side the roadway at all times unless officially instructed otherwise.

11. Race Officials
Black and Blue staff and volunteers at Stage Exchange/Support Zones are considered Race Officials.  They have authority to disqualify a team for rules violations, abusive behavior, or a team’s failure to follow instructions given by volunteers.

12. Race Numbers
Race numbers must be worn at all times throughout the race.

13. Parking at Stage Exchange/Support Zones
Parking Officials will be assigned to direct parking at each Stage Exchange/Support Zone. If you see an Official, you are to obey their parking instructions.

14. No Parking on Roadways
Parking is not permitted along the road or on the shoulder of the road.  In the parking areas, please park as directed, watch for cyclists, and stay alert to other traffic. These are high-risk areas.

15.  Time Limit
If your team’s position on the course is significantly behind such that your team is falling behind our support infrastructure, then we may at our discretion, ask your team to jump ahead to a Stage Exchange/Support Zone of our designation.

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